After two decades of working exclusively with digital content, I was drawn to create tangible permanent works. The layer-driven processes of graphic design and darkroom printing inform my layering approach to the painting process.

Painting Titles

Most of my paintings have a degree of abstraction, and thus have many possible interpretations. Viewers often describe a scene which I had not intended to convey. I soon realized there is a dialog between artist and viewer which titling the works with specific language would stifle. Thus, the painting titles are simply numbered sequentially.

Signing the Work

Also due to the abstraction, much of my work can be hung upside-down or sideways. Signing the work in the traditional lower right corner would not only be a distraction in the paintings, it would also prevent owners from hanging the work in the orientation they prefer. For this reason, paintings are signed on the back (signature verso).


I varnish all of my acrylic and oil paintings with Gamblin Gamvar, providing a protective semi-gloss surface — easily and safely removed with odorless mineral spirits.